Infographic: How to get more shares on social media

Not all content is created equal. Here’s a breakdown of the types of stories people share, and where they share them.

Do you want your content to get more shares on social media?

What a silly question. Of course you do!

There’s no such thing as a post with too many shares. If you want to ensure your content becomes the hottest thing on the Web, take a few pointers from this infographic by MediaRun.

MediaRun analyzed the social media shares of Mashable articles for three weeks, and determined what content people share most, as well as on which social networks they share that content.

Take a look:

Which content topics do people share most?

Human interest stories see significantly more shares than stories on any other topic. Technology and U.S. and world news come in at a distant second and third place, respectively.

Which social network is best for sharing?

Facebook users share more content than those on any other social network. Twitter comes in at second place. Content on Google+ and LinkedIn doesn’t see many shares.

Which types of content do people share most?

On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, images are shared more than other content types. However, long-form articles don’t get many shares on Facebook, and video isn’t very popular on LinkedIn.

For a more detailed breakdown of social media shares, take a look at the full graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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