Infographic: How to tell if your customers like you

Are you and your customers soul mates, or veering toward a painful breakup? Make a diagnosis here.

Marketing an organization or business is a lot like dating.

You court customers and make them feel special. You send them personalized notes and surprise them with gifts. They fall in love with your brand and remain loyal, committed customers forever.

The truth is while you may want to ride off into the sunset with your customers, they may not be envisioning the same fairy tale.

A flowchart from Responsys can help you determine whether your relationship with your customers is meant to last—or whether you’re a stage-five clinger.

Here are some things you may be doing to drive customers away:

  • You send out one-size-fits-all emails and messages. You don’t make your customers feel unique or special.
  • Your messages aren’t relevant to your audience.
  • You don’t respect your customers’ preferences on where they want to receive your messages.
  • You don’t reward customers for being loyal.

Check out the flowchart to see which type of relationship you and your customers have. We hope you’re honeymooners or soul mates!

(View a larger image.)

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