Infographic: Internal communicators’ biggest blocks to strategic planning

Stop wasting time churning out content, and start contributing to strategic company decisions. These stats reveal why communicators are stuck in a tactical cycle—and why they must break free.

Internal communicators, how do you spend most of your workdays?

Do you fill most of your hours by strategizing with your team about exciting new ways to engage employees, introduce initiatives or revamp your intranet?

Probably not.

Chances are you spend most of your time toiling over content that the powers that be will ultimately reject, while all of your big ideas sit forlornly on crumpled Post-It notes scattered across your desk.


However, you aren’t the only discouraged communicator out there. An infographic from Newsweaver says that 75 percent of internal communicators spend most of their time writing or getting approval for content—much more than any other activity. Because there isn’t time to devote to strategizing, half of their communications efforts are ad hoc and unplanned.

The communications departments that do make time for strategic planning, though, reap big rewards, such as receiving more support from senior leaders and being more likely to be included in strategic company decisions.

The infographic below discusses a few common obstacles to strategic planning and the best way to overcome them. There’s even more advice in this free download:

Have you successfully established you and your team as a strategic partner at your organization? If so, share your best advice in the comments.


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