Infographic: Mastering the tentacles of the content marketing Kraken

Like the storied sea monster, this approach to messaging can be unwieldy. It’s no fish story, though; the practice nets real results for those who can harness its power and reach.

Content marketing has become a beast.

Think of it as the Kraken, a legendary sea creature likened to a giant squid.

If you can tame the monster and use it to your advantage, its powerful tentacles of blogs, newsletters, social media, videos, graphics, photos, micro-sites, native ads and events can help you wreak havoc in the best way possible.

The question is: Which way is the gangly beast heading?

An infographic from Point Visible, which analyzes 2017 content marketing trends, can steer you in the right direction. The infographic is chock full of statistics that shed light on which media marketers are relying more on to get their messaging out (congrats, video), and which are falling by the wayside (sorry, print).

The piece includes reminders to prioritize content that’s visual, personalized and mobile-friendly.

The content marketing Kraken isn’t going away anytime soon. The trick is finding ways to use its power to your organization’s advantage.

Read through the infographic below to learn more.

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Content marketing statistics 2017

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