Infographic: Scientifically proven ways to get more Instagram engagement

Here are the filters, captions, subjects and colors your photos should have to get the most likes and comments.

Visual content is a hot topic these days, and Instagram is a fun and easy way to create it.

However, getting likes, comments and followers on Instagram can be just as challenging as procuring them on other social networks.

To make Instagram engagement a little easier, Dan Zarrella of HubSpot researched what makes people like or comment on Instagram photos. He compiled his results in an infographic, which serves as a formula for the perfect Instagram post.

Some of his findings and recommendations:

Don’t use filters. You may think fancy filters make you look like a professional photographer, but the research shows photos without filters get the most likes.

Use calls-to-action. Ask for what you want. Photos with captions that include the word “like” see an 89 percent increase in likes compared to photos without. Photos with the word “comment” see a 2,194 percent increase in likes.

Feature faces. Tell your staff it’s time for their close-ups. Photos with faces get 35 percent more likes than photos without.

Stick to cool colors. Photos that are predominantly blue, gray and green get more likes than photos that are predominantly yellow, orange or pink.

Will Zarrella’s findings affect your Instagram strategy? Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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