Infographic: Social media then and now

Do you remember when Polaroids were the best way to quickly share photos, or when you tacked reminders to a bulletin board, not Pinterest?

When I cleaned out my closet a few months ago, I stumbled upon a shoebox filled with dozens of intricately folded notes from high school.

As I unfolded each note (and sadly discovered I couldn’t remember how to fold them back up), I realized those notes were the Facebook of my childhood. They featured updates about my friends and relationship statuses, as well as funny stories and news.

An infographic from takes a similar walk down memory lane, reminding us that before social networks, we had things like Post-it notes, Polaroid cameras, bulletin boards and rolodexes.

Here are a few examples of how technology has evolved to replace the desktop items of yesteryear:

Twitter = Post-it notes: When Art Fry, the inventor of Post-it notes, first developed the product, he said, “What we have here isn’t just a bookmark. It’s a whole new way to communicate.” Little did he know his shorthand communication tool would be replaced by 140-character tweets.

Instagram = Polaroid cameras: When Polaroid cameras debuted in 1948, it was the first time people could see photos minutes after they were shot. The pictures also had room for handwritten captions. Instagram, however, is the new way to shoot, document and share photos quickly.

Bulletin boards = Pinterest: Remember when you pinned lists, notes and photos to the bulletin board above your desk? Now you can pin those items on Pinterest.

For more nostalgia, check out the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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