Infographic: The 13 personality types in every office

Is your workplace home to a chatterbox, delegator, backstabber or enthusiastic meeting scheduler? Are you one of these grating personalities? Find out here.

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If you ask someone what he hated most about school as a kid, there’s a good chance he would say group projects.

You remember: The teacher would describe some hard, time-consuming assignment, and then told you not to worry because you can work with three other students.

It sounds nice in theory, but not when your group inevitably consists of a slacker, chatterbox and bossy delegator.

As it turns out, teachers assigned those dreadful group projects to prep us for office life. Those same annoying personalities from middle school are all grown up and working at your office—they just may have a few new quirks. And despite their grating personalities, you all have to work together.

An infographic from National Pen lists the 13 personality types in every office. Do you recognize any of these?

The backstabber: This person pretends to be your friend, but only long enough to steal your good ideas and snag your raise.

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