Infographic: The enduring power of print pieces

Many think the rise of digital platforms have brought about the death of printed publications, but this guide argues you shouldn’t ignore traditional outlets. Consider these insights.


Print publications still play an important role in Americans’ daily lives.

Digital media outlets and the immediacy of social media platforms might lead many to believe that print materials no longer hold value, but according to Canon’s “Print for Action Survey,” conducted by Ipsos, traditional channels still have staying power.

According to the survey, books and newspapers, at 22 percent and 14 percent respectively, outrank search engines (11 percent), online news sites (nine percent) and social media channels (six percent) as the most trusted sources of information.

Key findings from the survey were compiled into an infographic.

Insights include:

  • Seven in 10 Americans read a blend of digital and print media.
  • Nearly half of millennials (48 percent) read books to relax, ranking below only watching streaming services (56 percent).
  • Through the year 2030, millennials believe books will be more important in their lives than many digital platforms.

Check out the full infographic above to see more ways print pieces continue to be important to readers.

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