Infographic: The most popular email greetings, signoffs and faux pas

Do you close out an email with a pleasantry or just your name? Do emails that lack subject lines frustrate you? See how your email habits compare against others’ in this infographic.

As an editor of, I get a lot of emails from people pitching story ideas, sending press releases and commenting on stories that are on the site.

Most people are very friendly and considerate emailers, but some, whether or not they intend to be, come across as very rude.

They spell my name wrong, don’t say hello or offer a greeting; some don’t even sign their name at the end of their message.

Though these things irritate me, they might not bother you.

An infographic from Fractl and Buzzstream explores email etiquette and the factors each generation considers when writing an email. It shares the top five email greetings, signoffs and faux pas, among other interesting insights.

Here’s a peek:

  • The top five email greetings are “dear,” “hello,” “to,” “afternoon” and “hi.”
  • The top five email sign-offs are “all the best,” “sincerely,” “regards,” “thank you” and simply signing one’s name.
  • The top five email faux pas are spelling errors, grammatical errors, lack of a subject line, excessive punctuation and profanity.

Take a look at the infographic to see how your email habits compare:

(View a larger image.) ​

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