Infographic: The right way to resign

Instead of cursing your colleagues and peeling out of the parking lot, keep it classy. Write a nice resignation letter, don’t leave projects undone, and consider offering an extra week’s notice.

There’s an art to quitting a job.

It’s a delicate balance between doing what’s right for you and doing right by your colleagues. You want to leave before you lose it and start roundhouse-kicking cubicles down, but it’s crucial to ensure your departure doesn’t place an onerous burden on co-workers or bosses. The timing, tenor and tone of your resignation must be pitch-perfect to avoid burning bridges. has an infographic that can guide you through the resignation process—and ensure you leave on good terms. The graphic offers tips, including these:

  • Find the right time. If you abandon ship in the middle of a huge project, good luck getting a glowing recommendation from your boss or colleagues. Be flexible, and ensure your departure comes at a reasonable time for those still rowing the boat.
  • Decide how much notice to give. Err on the side of generosity, here. If possible, give an extra week’s notice to give your employer ample time to find your successor.
  • Write a resignation letter. As the piece advises: “Writing a polite and concise resignation letter helps you to leave on a professional and positive note.” Take the high road, and resist the urge to take shots at anyone on your way out the door.
  • Arrange a meeting with your boss. Don’t try to quit via email or text or Snapchat, and make sure your boss is the first to know. Muster the courage to tell your boss—to her face—why you’re calling it quits.
  • Create a job manual for the next person. If you want to be remembered warmly, prepare a document for your replacement that outlines your specific responsibilities, activities, log-ins and helpful contacts.

Now, who’s ready for a resignation celebration? Read the rest of’s infographic for more guidance on how to quit without harming your career.

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