Infographic: Tips for staying fit on the job

Even if your gig keeps you on your keister and staring at a screen all day, there are plenty of easy routine tweaks that will benefit your body. Try cultivating these healthy habits.

Cushy desk jobs are a blessing and a curse.

It is nice to not be toiling down in a mine all day, but being tied to a chair is not without hazards, either. Research has shown that excessive sitting is bad for your heart, belly, brain and just about every other body part you can name.

How can we desk jockeys combat the ills associated with a sedentary, screen-glued workday?

NiftyBenefits has cooked up a light infographic that offers practical tips for staying fit on the job. It offers small routine tweaks that could make a big difference to your health, including these:

Stay hydrated. If you guzzle coffee all day, you’ll probably be a jittery mess. You’ll also get dehydrated, which can cause anything from sluggishness to organ failure.

Invest in a nice water bottle, and refill it throughout the day.

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