Infographic: Tips to coexist with cranky co-workers

Set ground rules, listen to them, stay calm, clarify expectations and hold your ground—repeat as necessary.

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An infographic from NetCredit offers tips to handle office ogres, cubicle cranks and all sorts of corporate fiends. Communication—verbal, nonverbal or written—plays a key role in the nine tips served up in the infographic:

1. Set ground rules for how you expect to be treated.

For instance, if public criticism drives you bonkers, the infographic suggests taking control of the situation by asking your criticizer to meet in private. Be direct, and stand your ground.

2. Try to understand their issues fully.

Terrible co-workers are people, too. Try to get a sense of where someone’s coming from. To be a better listener, the graphic recommends “maintaining eye contact, mirroring the other person’s body language and paraphrasing their main points” when you speak.

3. Be a broken record to ensure you’re heard.

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