Infographic: Tips to improve internal email performance

Consider time of day, your industry, how many messages you send per month and how big your list is before bombarding your colleagues’ inboxes.

Did your colleagues read that last email you sent?

According to a data-driven infographic compiled by Bananatag—which analyzed the fate of 26 million internal emails—perhaps not. For better open rates and more engagement, consider the following before your next inbox blast:

  • How often emails are sent per month
  • The best day and time to send internal emails to get optimal open and click rates
  • Open rates by industries and distribution list sizes
  • Desktop opens versus mobile opens

Bananatag found that average employees receive six internal emails per month. Engagement varies by industry (such as health care, which tends to produce low engagement figures), but the infographic states an overall open rate of 79 percent and a click rate of just 15 percent. In other words, your colleagues are probably seeing those messages, but most are not clicking.

List size is a factor here as well. The larger the email distribution list, the lower the engagement rate. Companies with lists of more than 5,000 employees saw paltry open and click rates.

In more surprising news, the infographic states that despite the ubiquity of smartphones, “engagement with internal emails still happens almost entirely on desktop operating systems.” Bananatag’s research found that desktop devices accounted for 88 percent and 94 percent of all opens and clicks, respectively. Also surprising, Bananatag found no correlation between the length of subject lines and open rates.

Time of day is another matter of eternal internal communications debate. This infographic suggests that sending emails earlier in the week is “marginally more effective.”

The graphic closes with these takeaways:

  • Internal emails sent to smaller list sizes tend to see better open rates.
  • Open and click rates vary dramatically by industry.
  • Internal communication emails are more commonly opened by employees on their desktops than on their mobile devices.
  • Subject line length for internal emails does not affect open rates.
  • Fridays aren’t as bad as you think to send internal emails.

Before sending out your next email campaign, review the graphic below for some reminders.


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