Infographic: To spur engagement, challenge your workers

Banish workplace malaise and set your staff ablaze with productivity by offering genuine opportunities for growth and substantive challenges to tackle.

How do you salvage an office that’s drowning in apathy and mediocrity?

You can’t fix incompetence, but it is possible to stoke the employee engagement fire and inspire heightened performance.

An infographic created by SnackNation and posted at SocialTalent reveals raw feedback from 586 professionals in 26 industries, including what makes them love or loathe their respective workplaces.

Takeaways include:

  • Growth equals happiness. According to the infographic: “The higher people rated growth opportunities available to them at their company, the happier they reported being at work.” Eighty-three percent of those who had access to “a lot” of growth opportunities said they were happy at work.
  • Challenges are good. Sixty-one percent of respondents who reported being “engaged” at work said they felt either “challenged” or “very challenged” on the job. Just 12 percent of those who admitted to being “not engaged” said they felt challenged at work.
  • Flexibility is crucial. Employees appreciate work flexibility more than just about anything else companies can offer. Nearly 90 percent of respondents identified flexible scheduling and work arrangements as “important” or “very important.”
  • Is it toxic in here, or is it just me? Twenty-nine percent of respondents labeled their company culture as either “toxic” or “needing improvement,” which can take a drastic toll on staff retention.
  • Workers crave feedback. Thirty-six percent of respondents said they get feedback on how to improve either once per year or not at all—even though studies consistently show that workers ( millennials, even) want more feedback.

Don’t despair if your workplace is wallowing in the muck of mediocrity; there is hope. It starts with taking strides to create a culture that inspires, motivates and challenges employees to develop and do their best work. Read through the rest of the infographic for more data to guide your strategy.

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