Infographic: Today’s women value flexibility more than money

Here’s a look at how today’s professional women define success. Good news: Almost 80 percent consider their careers successful.

Let’s kick things off with this inspiring statistic: 77 percent of women consider their careers a success.

This stat comes via an infographic from Accenture that illustrates how today’s professional women define success in the workplace.

The primary finding: Professional women today value flexibility more than money.

More than 80 percent of women say having a flexible schedule is either very important or extremely important to them, and 85 percent say flexible work hours would reduce their stress.

Women are five times more likely to say happiness equals success than they are to say that money means success.

Companies, take note. The top three qualities (in order of importance) women want in a job are:

1. Work-life balance

2. Positive workplace relationships

3. Job stability

Women, can you relate?

Check out the full graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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