Infographic: Top social media marketing trends

Employee advocates, brand journalism, mobile access and more trends your brand should know about this year.

Mullets, acid-wash jeans, Tamagotchis, Cronuts.

Trends come and go, and each generation has their own. Some we look back on fondly, and others we wish had never happened. But either way, following them made us look cool amongst our friends on the playground.

An infographic from Talkwalker lists the top social media marketing trends in 2014. Some were hot in 2013, and others are new this year. Some will stick around for years to come, and others may just be a flash in the pan. Regardless, it’s important to know about them.

Here are a few mentioned in the graphic:

Employee advocacy: “Organizations will realize the requirement of involving all their staff in promoting their content through social media channels.” — Ian Cleary, founder of Razorsocial

Visual content: “Video and image based applications are making the creation and dissemination of videos easier than ever.” — Toni Cowan-Brown, clinet executive at Burson-Marsteller

Mobile access: “Mobile will continue to play an increasingly important role with mobile being the main device for accessing social content.” — Ian Clearly, founder of Razorsocial

Brand journalism: “More brands will start to work as publishers: hiring editors, copywriters and ex-journalists.” — Lisa Moretti, senior social strategist

Paid media: “Across the social networks, there will be more use of paid media to gain visibility.” — Dave Chaffey, CEO of Smart Insights

Look at the graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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