Infographic: What communicators should know about fonts

What’s the difference between a font and a typeface? Which fonts are preferred by online readers and consumers? Here’s what brand managers and marketers should keep in mind.

Infographic: What communicators should know about fonts

Understanding the “why” and “how” behind fonts is an important lesson for marketers and PR pros.

A well-chosen font could be the difference between a reader gleaning your message and having his or her eyeballs glaze over.

What is a font, you ask?

“Typeface” officially refers to a group of fonts with unique characteristics. For example, Comic Sans is a “typeface” (an annoying one).  “Font” refers to the specific size and color of a character within a typeface.

In the digital age, many have elided the two terms—but communicators should know the difference or risk being scoffed at by industry veterans who care about the distinction.

This infographic offers all the different attributes of a font and what designers and writers should know about each of them.

Some key questions brands should ask include:

  • Is the font readable?
  • Does the font and typeface match my goals?
  • Where will my content appear? Mobile or old-fashioned print?

To learn more about how fonts and typeface influence your brand and content, consult the full infographic.

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