Infographic: What HR pros really think about millennials

Most millennials believe they are hardworking and loyal to employers. HR pros disagree. Here are the stereotypes millennials need to rise above.

Despite what other generations may say, it’s not easy to be a millennial.

Millennials not only have to prove themselves to be competent workers—like any other generation as they enter the professional world—but do so when potential employers believe they are lazy and entitled, among other unflattering adjectives.

As an infographic from and The Career Network shows, millennials have a lot of stereotypes to disprove. The infographic compares how millennials describe themselves with how HR professionals describe them.

Take a look at some of the biggest disconnects:

1. Work ethic

  • Almost 90 percent (86 percent) of millennials believe they are hard workers. Only 11 percent of HR professionals think they are.

2. Employer loyalty

  • Eighty-two percent of millennials describe themselves as loyal to their employers. HR isn’t so trusting-only 1 percent think millennials are loyal.

3. People savvy

  • Sixty-five percent of millennials believe they have good people skills, but only 14 percent of HR pros agree.

What do you think millennials can do to disprove these stereotypes?

Take a look at the full graphic to see the rest of them:

(View a larger image.)

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