Infographic: What & when to post on Facebook to boost engagement

Every brand loves a Facebook like. Here is the content you need to post to get more of them.

While there’s more to Facebook marketing than likes, a brand can never have too many fans.

And the more engagement those fans give you, the better.

An infographic from KissMetrics serves up some statistics about the best ways and times to increase engagement on your brand’s Facebook page. Surprisingly, less is more.

If you post to your page once or twice a day, you’ll get 40 percent more engagement than if you post three or more times a day.

And if you post one to four times a week, you’ll get 71 percent more engagement than if you post five or more times per week.

What content should you post?

  • Photos. They get 104 percent more comments and 84 percent more click-throughs than text and link posts.
  • Questions. Question posts get 100 percent more comments than non-question posts.
  • Short updates. Posts with 80 characters or fewer get 66 percent more engagement than longer posts.

See the full graphic for more insights:

(View a larger image.)

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