Infographic: What your organization’s font choices say about your brand

The fonts you use on your website, blog and logo can affect whether a customer will do business with your organization. Here’s what you need to know.

We know color influences a customer’s decision to buy, but it turns out typography does, too.

Yes, the fonts you use on your website and in your logo can help persuade—or dissuade—someone to do business with you, an infographic from RCM Website Design says.

According to the infographic, here’s how people tend to view certain fonts:

Serif fonts: These fonts are best for print, and are considered warm, old, expensive and beautiful.

Sans-serif fonts: People typically see these fonts as informal, playful, cool and youthful. Sans-serif fonts are best suited for digital use.

Script fonts (resemble handwriting): People often use these fonts for formal invitations. These fonts seem delicate, feminine and happy.

What do your organization’s font choices say about your brand? Find out more in the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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