Infographic: Which type of online sharer are you?

Are you a careerist, hipster, altruist, selective, boomerang or connector? Find out which one you are—and what that means—here.

Do you share content on social media or via email? Do you post articles or links to get a reaction from your network, promote a cause or help people out?

According to an infographic from, there are six types of sharers. Each shares different types of content on different platforms. Which are you?

Careerist: You’re a savvy business networker and likely to share content on LinkedIn.

Hipster: You’re young, creative and popular. You don’t share content via email very often.

Altruist: You’re helpful and reliable. You love to share information with friends and family through email.

Selective: You’re resourceful, careful and thoughtful. You like to share informative content, and do so through both social media and email.

Boomerang: You share information to get reactions from others. You love social media—particularly Facebook and Twitter.

Connector: You’re creative and thoughtful, and use social media to plan social events offline.

Now that you’ve figured out which type of sharer you are, take a look at the full graphic for more on how and why people and organization share content online.

(View a larger image.)

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