Infographic: Why people leave your website

That forced email registration that pops up when visitors open your website or the video that automatically plays (with sound) could send your website visitors running.

Do you want to know why people leave your website?

There are eight possible reasons, an infographic from KISSmetrics says. Here are four:

1. Bad navigation

The quickest way to frustrate a website visitor is to make your content hard to find. Logically organize your website, and put destinations like the home, about and contact pages in clear, easy-to-find locations. Don’t scatter main navigation links around the site.

2. A registration requirement

Don’t put any barriers between visitors and your content. Barriers like forced email registrations encourage visitors to go elsewhere.

3. Obtrusive audio and video

It’s OK to have audio or video on your site, but let visitors choose whether they want to watch or listen.

4. Boring content and design

If your website fulfills your customers’ needs, is easy to navigate and looks nice, people will want to stay. Add some engagement features—like a blog or forum—and keep them current to encourage visitors to return often.

See more reasons why people leave websites in the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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