Infographic: Why your social media team must invest in video

Engaging visuals are consumers’ content of choice in the online ecosystem, so it’s essential to make them an integral part of your content strategy. Here are some helpful stats.

In a world dominated by visuals, video reigns.

Within the next year, they are expected to drive 80% of all online traffic, and brand managers that aren’t tapping into their potential are already behind.

However, not all platforms present videos the same way, so it’s essential to customize them for the channels where they’ll be viewed.

It’s important to have a clear strategy before uploading any video. It’s important to avoid common mistakes that turn viewers off and leave them scrolling on to the next post.

This infographic from Infographic Design Team shares statistics that prove the power of video on social media and offers best practices for achieving success.

Insights include:

  • Video posts earn nearly 40% higher engagement than other visuals.
  • People watch around 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day.
  • Videos offer more easily tracked metrics to measure success.

For more reasons to make video a central pillar of your content strategy—and tips for successful implementation—check out the full infographic.

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