Instagram unveils new analytics tools for marketers

Around nine months after the photo-sharing service launched an ad program, it has unveiled tools by which to measure how those ads perform.

Instagram is now offering real-time analytics to its marketers and advertisers.

Metrics has been a sticking point for many marketers in deciding whether to launch a paid campaign on the Facebook-owned platform. Instagram launched ads last year, but only now is rolling out tools to measure how those ads perform.

Three new tools will help enhance the way pay-for-play marketers use Instagram.

Page Insights: This dashboard tracks impressions, reach and engagement on unpaid posts. This tool also provides age/gender/location demographics.
Ad Insights: This dashboard gives provides campaign insights and much of the same information as the Page Insights tool. It also helps advertisers track their budget and reach.
Ad Staging: Advertisers can use this tool on their desktops to create and preview campaigns before going live. Users can edit the photo, captions and location information and preview the post before it goes up. ​

Perhaps the biggest bonus for advertisers and marketers is the fact that each of these tools can be accessed on a desktop. If you don’t pay to play, you’ll still be limited to using your smartphone to upload new photos.

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