Lululemon tops list of doomed brands

DirecTV, Zynga, Russell Stover and Time Warner Cable are also on 24/7 Wall St.‘s list of ’10 brands that will disappear in 2015.’

The doom and gloomsters at 24/7 Wall St. are at it again with their annual list of companies that won’t be around next year.

We’re barely past the halfway point of 2014, and already the site is ready to start the funeral march for the following brands:

1. Lululemon
2. DirecTV
3. Hillshire Brands
4. Zynga
5. Alaska Air
6. Russell Stover
7. Shutterfly
8. Time Warner Cable
9. Blackberry
10. Aeropostale

The publication looks to factors like declining sales, decreasing market share and other tell-tale signs that a brand might be on its way to being swallowed by another, larger entity or just straight-up folding.

Lululemon is still reeling from last year’s see-through yoga pants problem, which led to increased scrutiny and some executive slip-ups. Now it’s in some financial trouble. From 24/7 Wall St.‘s “10 brands that will disappear in 2015” article:

The fallout cost CEO Christine Day her job in June 2013. Founder and Chairman Chip Wilson announced that he would step down in December of last year. Wilson has since returned as the potential leader of a buyout to take the company private. Wilson believes he can find a private equity backer. He will likely be able to buy Lululemon at a discount price, at least based on what its shares traded for at their peak.

All that said, 24/7 Wall St. might want to rethink its methodology. If we take a little jaunt back in time to May 2013, we can see that all 10 brands that the site’s predictors thought would be gone this year are still alive and kicking.

You can find that list, which includes brands like J.C. Penney, Volvo and the WNBA, here.

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