McDonald’s ‘Signs’ campaign draws mixed reactions

Though several think the new ad for the declining fast-food brand is touching, others aren’t ‘lovin’ it.’

No longer able to appeal to consumers’ appetites with talk of its food, the struggling McDonald’s Corporation would like to appeal to your emotion. The tactic? An new video, titled: “Signs.”

Reviews of have been mixed, and a parody of the ad appeared shortly after the ad’s debut Sunday during NFL games and the Golden Globes Awards.

The message is that through it all—disasters, deployments, tragedy and triumph—McDonald’s is there as a constant in your community. A message at the end of the commercial online encourages users to get the stories behind the signs on McDonald’s Tumblr account.

Are your heartstrings sore yet from being tugged upon?

The campaign is the brainchild of the fast food chain’s longtime agency of record, Leo Burnett. It’s become a divisive topic on Twitter, with some thinking it’s the company’s strongest campaign in years.

Others say it’s shameful for McDonald’s to exploit national tragedies for marketing purposes.

What do you think of McDonald’s new campaign, Ragan readers?

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