Oxford English Dictionary adds ‘meh,’ ‘fo’shizzle,’ ‘sext’ and more

Research also revealed that a version of the term ‘twerking’ dates back to the 1820s.

Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary captures headlines by adding some colloquialisms to its digital tome.

It’s a great sign of the times and a reminder of what nerds we can be.

As the OED reminds us, some recent entries include

jeggings (2009), photobomb (2008), crowdfund (2008), totes (2005), staycation (2005), and sext (2001).

Slang such as “meh” and “fo’shizzle” were also added to the more than 500 new terms to this year’s edition. Though “twerking” was added to OED’s 2013 edition, researchers also revealed that the word dates back to the 1820s.

Here’s a sample of the more recognizable words that were added:

  • autotune, v.
  • autotuned, adj.
  • biomethane, n.
  • Blu-ray, n.
  • crowdfund, v.
  • crowdfunded, adj.
  • crowdfunding, n.
  • cyclogenesis, n.
  • deep web
  • e-cig, n.
  • e-cigarette, n.
  • ecotown, n.
  • Enviropig, n.
  • e-skin, n.
  • forensic science, n.
  • forensics, n.
  • freegan, adj. and n.
  • H2O, n.
  • hyperlocal, adj.
  • Internaut, n.
  • Interweb, n.
  • JavaScript, n.
  • kryptonite, n.
  • nanosized, adj.
  • netbook, n.2
  • on-trend, adj. and adv.
  • pageview, n.
  • pharmacovigilance, n.
  • photobomb, n.
  • photobomb, v.
  • photobomber, n.
  • photobombing, n.
  • retweet, n.
  • retweet, v.
  • retweeting, n.
  • sext, n.2
  • sext, v.
  • sexting, n.
  • SD card
  • system disk
  • system file
  • tenderpreneur, n.
  • tweeting, n.
  • thumb drive
  • twitterati, n.
  • vape, v.
  • vaper, n.
  • vaping, n.

From Ars Technica:

These regular updates to the dictionary are designed to reflect the evolution in the English language which is, naturally, constantly in motion. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the growth in technology, many of the new words we are adopting are closely related to innovations in tech and digital culture.

Not everyone was thrilled with OED’s new entries. For some perspective “twitterati,” there’s this:

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