Poll: Entry-level workers should ask more questions

The biggest mistake entry-level communicators make is that they don’t ask questions or request feedback, according to Ragan.com readers. What do you think?

Entry-level workers enter the communications industry every day. Armed with an education, and maybe a few internships, they’re ready to get to work.

But the transition from school to the real world isn’t always a smooth one. Newbies are bound to make a few mistakes.

We asked Ragan.com readers on LinkedIn and Facebook what they think are the biggest mistakes entry-level communicators make.

Here’s how the responses stacked up:

  • They don’t ask questions or request feedback (47 percent)
  • They think they know it all (35 percent)
  • They don’t get to know their co-workers (7 percent)
  • They’re afraid to take on extra work (5 percent)
  • Other (5 percent)

While most seasoned pros might think new workers should ask more questions and request feedback, entry-level communicator Jeannette Garcia offered some insight: “I don’t think we’re afraid to ask questions, just that we don’t know what [sic] the right questions to ask.”

What do you think? Should company veterans do more to mentor entry-level workers?

View the results.

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