Poll: When is a phone call better than email?

When you have an urgent question? When someone could misinterpret your tone? Vote now in our new poll.

Email is great. It’s faster than sending a letter, more sophisticated than a text, and less intrusive than barging into someone’s cube.

But, sometimes a phone call is just better.

It’s faster to call Betty to ask her when the report will be done than wait for her to get around to checking her email. And it’s kinder to call Ben to tell him you need to see him in your office right away. The poor guy should hear your voice so he knows to be excited—not terrified—on his walk to your office.

When do you think it’s better to make a phone call than send an email?

When the matter is urgent? When you have a long response to a question? When the recipient might misinterpret your tone?

Cast your vote here:


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