PR pros, what do you pack in your luggage?

From batteries and bug spray to business cards and hand sanitizers, here are the necessities to have on hand at any PR event.

PR pros plan for the worst and hope for the best. It is our job. I asked about 50 PR pros what’s in their PR event toolkit. You know, the go-to box that you bring to every event that is stashed with a solution to just about any event crisis except the weather.

With this box you can either save the day or survive on a deserted island. Here’s what they said are the necessities to have on hand:

• Advil/Tylenol

• Altoids

• Band-Aids

• Batteries (double and triple A)

• Bobby pins

• Box cutter

• Bug spray

• Business cards

• Clipboards

• Digital camera

• Double sided tape

• Duct tape

• Extension cord

• Flash drive with press materials and event documents

• Flashlight

• Gloves

• Hair bands

• Hand sanitizer

• Highlighters

• Mirror

• Nail file

• Name tags

• Packing tape

• Paperweights

• Paperclips

• Pens

• Post-its

• Rubber bands

• Safety pins

• Scissors

• Screwdriver

• Sewing kit

• Sharpies (of various sizes)

• Shout Wipes

• Snacks

• Staple gun

• Stapler with extra staples

• Super glue

• Swiss Army knife

• Tape measure

• Tissues

• Travel-size perfume

• Velcro

• Water

• Wet wipes

• Ziploc bags

• Zip ties

What else should be on the master pack list?

Linzy Roussel Cotaya blogs at Crawfish Tales. A version of this article originally appeared on PR Breakfast Club.

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