Report: More than 65 percent of consumers connect with brands emotionally

‘[I]t’s apparent the emotional bond companies form with consumers is one of the biggest keys to creating a lifetime customer,’ the organization behind the survey said.

Some brands are able to go beyond simple marketing to tap into consumers’ emotions.

At that point, your brand becomes less of a product and more of a lifestyle. A new study by Customer Thermometer suggests that this type of connection is common.

More than 65 percent of people surveyed in a Customer Thermometer study said they have felt an emotional connection to a brand or an organization. The most common brands to inspire this bond are electronics (according to 33 percent of male consumers) and fashion (said 19 percent of female consumers). The vast majority of emotional connections with brands are positive (91 percent).

Cultivating these emotional connections can pay off.

A quarter of respondents said they’d be willing to pay up to 50 percent more for a product from a brand that “makes them feel they have a positive impact.” Customer Thermometer also wrote:

According to Harvard Business Review, customers who have developed a bond with businesses are extremely valuable. They are described as “fully connected customers” and are over 50 percent more valuable, on average, than the highly satisfied customer. These customers are a company’s dream: Individuals who purchase more of your goods and services are less price-sensitive and are focused on your external messaging. Imagine being able to develop these types of connections with more of your customers.

The most common reason people gave for feeling an emotional connection to a brand is that they feel “like they care about people like me.”

The most common emotion consumers feel toward organizations is interest (70 percent), but more than half (57 percent) of the survey’s respondents said they felt trust.

PR pros know the importance of building trust with consumers, but if you’re looking for a way to increase that emotion—and brand loyalty—here’s what Customer Thermometer suggested:

Efforts to increase consumer interest in your brand and build trust (and eventually loyalty) can be capitalized in the way you communicate with your customers.

Think about the strategy you have in place (or need to put in place) to build on the faith your customers put in your company. Are you reaching out to your customers for feedback on their experiences and interactions with your company? Are you making the day-to-day experience of doing business with your company ‘interesting’? How are you leveraging tools like email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram to capitalize on these feelings?

You can learn more about how consumers connect with organizations through emotion here.

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