Secrets to reading body language

With most communication expressed nonverbally, these insights should help you make a little more sense out of someone’s puzzling gestures, handshake, or posture.

Wordless communication—or, body language—can be a powerful tool.

But it can also betray you, bringing to the forefront some opinion or feeling that you’d rather the world not see.

As the infographic below points out, “Body language is all around us. Learning to read it can be one of the most valuable skills you have.”

It also suggests that most of our communication is nonverbal, with gestures accounting for 55 percent of our communication, compared to 38 percent vocal, and only 7 percent the actual words we use. (It should be noted that this statistic, also known as the “Mehrabian Myth,” is one that is often contested among various circles of professional communicators).

For some insight into what your body language is saying (and what others are saying with theirs), check out these tips from

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