Should you quit your marketing or PR job this year?

Even though the U.S. is still climbing out of a recession and more jobs are becoming automated, the author says it’s a great time to be in the industry.

I recently read an article on LinkedIn that got me a riled up.

The article was by Jim Altucher, a man who has made a living writing articles and blog posts that people have defined as “edgy,” “real” and “raw.” This particular article was titled “10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2014.”

To say the article paints a negative picture of the business world would be like saying the Titanic had a few problems.

There is another side to Altucher’s coin, however. If you work in marketing or PR, 2014 could be a fantastic year for you.

This is the basic crux of Altucher’s article: The middle class is dead, everyone hates you, you’re easily replaced and you probably hate your job. If you have ever seen the movie “Brazil,” this article is somewhat reminiscent of that fictional world.

If you have a job right now, Altucher says, you won’t have it for long unless you’re in the corporate suite. Between expensive machines and lower-wage employees, you are being squeezed out of your job. Altucher seems to base this view in part on his own life. He begins the article with a story about how his boss yelled at him and inspired him to quit.

Our society is certainly changing. My dad recently shared an article with me about how restaurants long supported by the middle class, like Olive Garden and Applebee’s, are losing massive amounts of money because the middle class is shrinking so rapidly.

It’s true that when companies had to let people go in 2008 and 2009, they learned how to function without those people, and now it seems hard to rationalize adding to the payroll. Everyone is working a little more and a little harder, but no one seems to mind because they’re also making a little more. There is undoubtedly a huge unemployment problem in right now.

There is a lot of pressure out there. A lot of people who were doing great 10 years ago are now at a disadvantage. But none of those facts are reasons to toss your job in the bucket in 2014. In fact, if you’re in marketing and PR, this year could be a pivotal one for you.

Why? Here are some reasons:

1. The need for experience and expertise is increasing.

While a lot of jobs were cut during the recession, a lot of bad marketing and PR advice increased over the same period. Companies that were told to chuck everything except Foursquare are just beginning to realize they need a more integrated marketing approach. They need tactics that are going to earn them customers without sacrificing their credibility.

We need tried-and-true experience now more than ever. If you can demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, there are plenty of opportunities to work your magic. Look for them!

2. You can’t fake innovative thinking.

Well, you can’t fake real innovative thinking, anyway. Now is a really exciting time for people in the marketing and PR world because ideas are struggling to keep up with the technology.

There is a myriad of tactics no one has tried yet. All of those doors are open to you, and the more you try and succeed, the more you will prove your worth and your clients will succeed. That’s pretty solid motivation.

3. You can measure and report on success.

Despite the gurus who claim things like “ROI is dead,” we are entering a golden age of being able to benchmark, measure and analyze our marketing and PR efforts.

If you know what you are doing, you can now show the impact social media has for your company or clients. Google Analytics is a tiny example of what no one could do 10 or 15 years ago.

The business world is tougher than it used to be. The world in general is tougher than it used to be; you can’t argue with Altucher on that. But there isn’t any reason to preach that people should quit their jobs. In fact, for marketers and PR people, the opposite is true. Now is the time to make the most of your job. There are never-ending opportunities stretching out before you.

I’m excited to be in the marketing world right now. What about you?

Margie Clayman is the director of marketing, B2B client services at Clayman & Associates, LLC. A version of this article originally appeared on Vocus.

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