State of the Internship report finds PR positions are most popular

InternMatch’s poll of more than 9,000 students found that the market is still pretty tough out there, and most positions remain unpaid.

If you’re a public relations intern, you’re not alone—very, very far from it.

Across all industries, PR internships are the most popular, garnering almost 37 percent of the vote in the recent 2014 State of the Internship Report:

The InternMatch study polled more than 9,000 students from around the country.

Some key findings in the study include:

  • It’s a tough market for graduating seniors. Only 16.6 percent of seniors had full-time job offers as of April 30
  • Interns want to work at for-profit companies that aren’t too big or too small. About 43 percent prefer midsize companies, and 67 percent want to work at a for-profit firm
  • The majority of internships are unpaid. Only 48.3 percent of interns were paid.

Check out the infographic below for some more insights from the study:

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