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July 11, 18, 25 • 1-3 p.m. ET
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Now’s the time to get AI empowered. After all, your competitors are already using AI to create better content faster — from media pitches, blogs, special reports, emails and infographics to internal comms work like intranet updates and thought leadership posts.

This workshop series is the guide you need to not only make the jump into AI, but to leap ahead. You’ll learn how to master the latest AI text tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Bing.AI and image generators like DALL-E and Midjourney — all to free you from humdrum tasks so you can generate smarter strategies and bigger ideas faster.

Join some of the top names in AI to finally unlock your digital Jedi powers and galvanize everything from content creation to audience engagement. Our curriculum, classroom collaboration and instructors will help future-proof your communications — and career.

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Included in this class:

  • “Office hours” to consult with your instructor
  • Handouts and assessments for your comms program
  • Interactive breakouts and networking with fellow attendees
  • Interactive Q&As with expert guests leading AI efforts

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CLASSROOM MATERIALS (Exclusive for Attendees):

  • The Ultimate Guide to AI Marketing
  • The AI Terms Cheat Sheet for Marketers and Communicators
  • AI for Content Marketing: The Blueprint
  • AI Trends in Marketing Communications: The Complete Evolution
  • How AI Advances Affect Email Tactics


Join to leverage AI as a competitive differentiator that dramatically improves your efficiencies, content and results. You’ll receive assignments, a certificate of completion and an AI plan you can tailor to your organization.

Week 1: Prompts and Writing
July 11, 1-3 p.m. ET
ChatCraft: The Art of Strategic Writing with ChatGPT and Beyond

AI isn’t taking your job — but someone who knows how to use AI might. Level up your value now by learning how to wield tools like ChatGPT in your comms strategy and writing. We’ll explore the ChatGPT interface, advanced features for strategic messaging and how to leverage AI prompts for more engaging content. You’ll learn:

  • ChatGPT deep dive: An overview of the interface and how to get started — from understanding prompts and responses to newer customization options.
  • Strategic messaging: How to use ChatGPT to craft tailored messages that more effectively attract, engage and convert targeted audiences.
  • Writing optimization: How to use ChatGPT to generate ideas, refine written content and streamline writing workflow .
  • Practical use cases and breakouts: We’ll workshop writing prompts to help generate blog posts, social media updates or even website copy.
  • SEO deep drive: AI-enabled SEO tools, SEO limitations of ChatGPT, what's new with Google's generative AI update — and how to write AI content that will rank in the top of Google without getting penalized.
  • Bonus guest discussion: The biggest questions and elephants in the AI room, including how copyright issues impact AI usage.

Breakout (10 mins):

  • Prompt ChatGPT to rewrite an SEO "About" graph for your org or client.

Light Homework:

  • Set up a free ChatGPT account (class demos will be on ChatGPT 3).
  • Choose one of the following assignments and draft in ChatGPT:
    • Rewrite an existing bio for one of your C-suite execs.
    • Write a LinkedIn marketing post in the style of Gary Vaynerchuk.
    • Write a 300+ word blog on a favorite pastime in the style of your favorite writer.
  • Check out Stable Diffusion and experiment with it before next week.
President, Founder, Author
Content at Scale, Content Hacker
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Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder
Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast
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Week 2: Visuals and Design
July 18, 1-3 p.m. ET
Prompts and Pixels: Crafting Authentic Visuals with AI Art Generation

Now that you have the basics of prompts and AI tools like ChatGPT down, let’s translate your new skills to the exciting prospect of image generation. Discover how to quickly create eye-catching images for infographics, websites, intranets, ad banners, reports and more so you can enhance your brand and captivate audiences. You’ll learn:

  • Top AI imaging tools: DALL-E2, Midjourney, Artssy, Stable Diffusion and more.
  • The authenticity dilemma: How to balance the “authenticity” mandated by the rise of TikTok and platforms like BeReal with the “automation” of AI image generators.
  • Advanced prompt engineering: Formulas and prompt cheats you can use to elevate what you learned in Week 1 to generate realistic, brand-worthy images.
  • Producing visual content at scale: Examples of brand guidelines, mood boards, social media posts and ads, infographics, website banners and videos created with AI imaging.
  • Tertiary AI tools: AI applications in existing marketing platforms that have user-ready capabilities — including BeautifulAI for presentations and others.

Breakout (10-15 mins):

  • Generate 3 images on Stable Diffusion using these prompt guidelines:
    • Start with a single world relevant to a campaign you're working on.
    • Then add a series of words to build onto your prompt (e.g., if your original word was "dog," try "furry dog," etc. Then add a third brand-relevant keyword or output (e.g., "furry dog logo" or "furry dog logo for landing page hero image," etc.)
    • Appoint someone in your group to save the resulting images and share with the larger class later.

Light Homework:

  • Create a fun brand mashup or collab using your logo or corporate iconography in Stable Diffusion.
  • Come prepared to discuss the resulting creative and ethical concerns next week.
Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder
Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast
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Founder and CEO
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Week 3: Strategy and Storytelling
July 25, 1-3 p.m. ET
Next Steps: Elevating Strategy and Storytelling with AI + Human Fusion

Just because you can pump out AI copy and images doesn’t mean you’re truly advancing your career, results and reputation as a strategic communicator. This session outlines how to apply what you’ve learned to elevate your strategic storytelling and measurement chops — so they align with leadership’s expectations to drive audiences and business results. You’ll learn:

  • Strategy vs tactics: Best ways to use your AI skills as the building blocks of strategy.
  • Creative differentiators: How to avoid generic messaging and elevate your output with customization and creativity — in a market where everybody else is also using AI.
  • Storytelling strategy: How to balance authenticity with automation when crafting brand stories — including what you must know about human psychology that AI doesn’t.
  • Measurement: How AI can improve comms measurement — including how to interpret AI insights, validate results and use them to inform data-driven decision making. (We'll share how to pull data and scraped social media comments into ChatGPT to generate trend analysis.)
  • An attorney speaks out (guest fireside): Navigating AI copyright, bias, misinformation, legal and security issues — and how to codify a generative AI policy for your organization.
Emerging Tech Lawyer, Principal
BBO Solicitors
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Social Strategy Director
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Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder
Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast
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Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder
Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast
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Founder and CEO
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Social Strategy Director
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President, Founder, Author
Content at Scale, Content Hacker
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Emerging Tech Lawyer, Principal
BBO Solicitors
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  • AI toolbox: Top 10 AI apps for communicators to increase productivity and results.
  • Creativity and brainstorming: Easy AI techniques to generate winning ideas for newsletters, blogs, social media posts, landing page copy, emails and more.
  • Writing and image creation: How to improve your writing skills, shorten writing time and create amazing images by mastering the latest AI prompts.
  • Storytelling and SEO: Improving your storytelling for human audiences and your rankings for search engines with simple AI techniques.
  • Strategy and measurement: Using AI to analyze data, extract insights and make smarter decisions for your comms strategies.
  • Bonus: Navigating AI copyright, bias, misinformation, legal and security issues.


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  • You can attend this immersive course in small segments over 3 weeks.

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