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Data Fluency for Communicators: Turn Measurement into Action

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 2-3:30 p.m. ET
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Join us on Tuesday, June 25th for this can’t-miss Ragan Communications webinar that will give you and your team the ability to tackle one of the biggest challenges for comms pros today: understanding data and what to do with it.

Throughout this fast-paced 90-minute journey, you'll gain insight into what you should be tracking (and outdated metrics that you can discard), the measurement tools that you can’t do without and most importantly, what to do with that data, including aligning your communication strategies with the overarching goals of your organization's C-suite. Learn to shift from traditional metrics to robust, tailored measurements that will enhance your data fluency and help implement continuous improvement practices.

Join us on Tuesday, June 25th from 2-3:30 PM ET!

Our 1.5-hour program will give you quick insights, helpful strategies and easy solutions for your comms team to implement right away. Join Ragan and our panel of experts as we help you navigate the changing world of measurement and data analytics.


2:00 – 2:30 PM ET
Changing Metrics: Modernizing Your Communications Strategies

Communications programs often rely on surface-level metrics that don't truly reflect organizational goals. This opening session provides a roadmap to align your comms strategies with business objectives. You’ll leave armed with the information you need to develop a tailored, comprehensive approach that will ensure your comms strategy remains agile. Learn about:

  • Essential KPIs: A glossary of metrics essential to comms (and business) success.
  • How to: Track everything from trust and credibility to loyalty, engagement, social responsibility and more.
  • Customization: How to define bespoke metrics for your team’s specific needs and use them to personalize communications.
  • Sentiment to story: What data is important when deciding where and how communications can achieve maximum reach and impact.
  • Continuous improvement: How to extract actionable insights from your data to optimize performance.
Sr. Strategy & Planning Manager, Digital Business Transformation
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2:30 – 2:50 PM ET
What’s New in Commtech: Evolving Data Tools and Technology

Staying ahead of the curve means being informed of new technologies, apps and tools — including free or low-cost alternatives. We’ll explore what’s new in commtech and how you can collect more data efficiently:

  • The new communicator’s toolkit: The emerging AI apps, productivity tools and analytics dashboards that will make your lives easier and boost the impact of your messaging.
  • Tech stack use cases: How communicators are making the most out of Microsoft Office, Meta’s Workplace, Google Workspace and more.
  • AI and data: Can AI help generate data that informs a clear course of action...or does it just muddy the waters?
  • New efficiencies: Tools communicators can use to automate, improve and elevate data--and how best to streamline workflows, outreach and reporting.
2:50 – 3:30 PM ET
Data-Driven Storytelling

Just because you have a tailored measurement playbook in hand doesn’t mean you’re able to capture, contextualize and communicate your results in a way that your teams and execs need to drive real-time decisions. Learn how to use storytelling to bring the numbers to life in way that will stick with your audiences — and how to select which stories to tell. In this panel discussion, we’ll share trusted strategies on how to organize your data to present to C-suite and other stakeholders.

  • How to question, interpret and explore your results to answer specific questions, and provide recommendations to solve programs and drive action.
  • Storytelling fundamentals such as organizing, formatting and summarization, including how to filter, clean up and validate your data.
  • Principles of design and information hierarchy that help communicate clearly and effectively and make it easy to decide on next steps.
  • How to conquer information overload by selecting the metrics that matter most.
  • The importance of delivering clear, actionable insights to C-suite and key stakeholders.
Senior Director of Communications
SCAN Group
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Sr. Strategy & Planning Manager, Digital Business Transformation
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Andrew Bates
Enterprise Data Strategy Director
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Top 3 things you’ll learn:

  • New ways to measure and analyze data
  • The latest in commtech, including AI resources
  • Storytelling strategies to prove ROI to C-Suite


MODERATOR: Jess Zafarris, Director of Content, Ragan and PR Daily READ BIO

Join us for Data Fluency for Communicators: Turn Measurement into Action.

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