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How Intelligent Comms Drive Better Productivity

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022 • 1-2 p.m. ET

Internal Communications • Employee Communications • Executive Communications • HR Communications • Corporate Culture • Strategic Communications • Employee Engagement

Spire has been serving homes and businesses across Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri for more than 160 years. Spire may be the NYSE’s eighth-oldest stock, but the company is on a mission to redefine what it means to serve its customers — and employees — for the next 100 years.

With that in mind, the communications team set a goal of improving culture and ensuring that employees — two-thirds of which are in field-related positions — stay informed and connected. They started by reimagining the tools needed for effective employee communications, then using data to help determine the next steps.

In this FREE webinar on Dec. 7, Justin Lopinot, Spire’s employee communications director, will share the strategy behind the company’s transformation to develop better informed employees. You will discover:

  • How to set the stage for a digital transformation in your organization.
  • The power of research to determine how employees want to be kept informed.
  • An omnichannel platform that brings the news right to the frontline.
  • The extended use of comms in employee development, training and more.
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  • You’ll get access for you and your entire team to watch.
  • You’ll have access to the recording for 12 months.


Justin Lopinot

Employee Communications Director Spire

Justin Lopinot has seen and handled just about everything in the communications industry – from social media to media relations to internal communications – over the past 20+ years. He currently serves as director of employee communications at Spire, the fifth largest publicly traded natural gas company in the United States. In this role, Lopinot oversees employee communications and corporate citizenship, leading a team that connects employees, customers and communities to the Spire brand and mission.


Joyceann Garippa

Head of ContentRagan Communications

Joyceann Garippa is the head of content at Ragan Communications where she oversees the content direction of Ragan.com, PR Daily and Ragan’s Workplace Wellness, as well as Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council (CLC) and PR Daily Leadership Network (PRLN). She also leads Ragan’s conference team, which creates strategic programming for conferences (live and virtual), workshops, bootcamps and webinars for Ragan’s vast audience of internal communications, external communications, wellness professionals and human resources.


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ABOUT Firstup

Firstup is the leading workforce communications platform that empowers companies to work as one. They believe a business is only as strong as its people—that’s why they built the only end-to-end solution that can reach, inform, and align every worker with their organization. Employees can feel like an important part of something greater than themselves and find meaning in a job well done. Communicators and leaders can focus on the message, while the platform ensures the content is delivered to the right place, seen by the right people, and acted on in a measurable way. Firstup helps the world’s largest global companies transform the way they communicate with millions of employees every day.


You should attend this FREE webinar if you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas:

Internal Communications • Employee Communications • Executive Communications • HR Communications • Corporate Culture • Strategic Communications • Employee Engagement


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