Internal Communications &
Employee Engagement Summit at Facebook

July 30 - 31, 2019 • WEBCAST



Outstanding communications can inspire your employees to do their best work—and share it with the world.

Held at Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, this conference will show the top practices, trends and technologies you can use to foster great workplace culture, boost pride and retention and encourage employee engagement.

What you’ll learn:

  • Top internal communications strategies for retaining and developing top talent
  • How to connect and empower employees to collaborate, innovate and generate ROI
  • Hot trends and technologies for intranet, employee mobile apps and internal social media channels
  • Tips for getting your executives’ messages heard, read and acted upon
  • How internal storytelling can rally employees to carry out your organization’s vision and mission
  • Social media secrets to transform employees into your organization’s most devoted brand advocates and ambassadors
  • How effective internal communication strategies can build your corporate reputation and prepare your staff for crises
  • Ways to help front-line managers overcome their biggest hurdle: effectively communicating with employees
  • Strategies to create and nurture a diverse and inclusive workplace

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Top 4 benefits of attending the webcast:

  • Attend this immensely popular conference from the convenience of your desk: No travel concerns, hotels or extra costs associated with attending the event live.
  • Watch with your entire team.
  • Order the webcast, and get six months of on-demand access to this inspirational conference that will transform your organization.
  • The ability to ask questions: This isn’t a passive experience. You and your team have the opportunity to ask questions, which can be relayed to speakers presenting at the event.



We will be webcasting this conference live.

Order the webcast and get on-demand access to this inspirational conference that will transform your organization.

The webcast will be available on-demand within 7 business days after the event.



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