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Negotiation for Communicators Certificate Course

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September 11, 18, 25 | Three consecutive modules
1-3 p.m. ET

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Communications leaders like you need to be a part of the strategic conversations and senior-level decision-making at your organization. It’s essential to your growth and to your business. Yet, the struggle for influence is real.

The Leadership & Negotiation Certificate Course, for members only, is designed to help you negotiate more effectively and lead with authority. Apply what you learn to decisions such as: adjusting a communication assignment’s outsized scope, restructuring a team, gaining more resources for your department and resolving a dispute to reach consensus among multiple stakeholders in a crisis.

Before sitting down at the negotiation table, equip yourself with proven approaches that let you confidently navigate each twist and turn before agreeing to an outcome. Get ready to unleash your communication skills to strike a deal on your terms — regardless of the issue, people involved and constraints that may limit your effectiveness.


Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council has developed a course led by Beth Fisher-Yoshida, a professor and director of the MS program in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution at Columbia University, to attain the skills, insights and intelligence to take your leadership to the next level. After three consecutive weeks of information-packed 2-hour classes, you’ll not only earn a certificate, but you’ll also gain invaluable leadership skills and fresh ideas to improve your communications outcomes.

During this CLC members-only Certificate Course, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify your strengths and areas to improve by developing stronger self-awareness.
  • Build relationships within your communications department and throughout the organization through stronger negotiation.
  • Differentiate negotiation approaches and frame your negotiation to align for the outcomes you seek.
  • Select from a variety of tools and frameworks aligned with communications best practices.
  • Regulate your emotions and use that information to strengthen your negotiation stance and gain more influence.
  • Identify and manage your own sources of power.


All sessions will provide concepts and frameworks, applications to real-life business scenarios, guest speakers who will share their first-hand experiences, and practical take-aways. Each module is two hours, taking into account your busy schedules.

You will have access to the instructor and will receive templates and other handouts to help you post-course.

Week 1: Preparation
Sept 11, 1-3 p.m. ET
Developing as a Negotiation Leader

Preparation is the first phase of a negotiation, when you must learn more about who you are as a negotiator. Know what expectations, biases and needs you are bringing to the negotiation so you can carry out your plan and limit surprises. Much of your preparation will be based on assumptions, which play a crucial role in problem-solving.

In this module, we’ll address timely and relevant communications scenarios and how your negotiation skills can effect a positive outcome. Whether you’re negotiating with the C-suite or negotiating for more resources or a different strategy, you’ll learn tried and true strategies for negotiating with authority and impact.

You will  learn:

  • The implicit motivations that influence how to negotiate.
  • How leadership style and approach to negotiations are aligned.
  • The different roles of the negotiating parties, finding out who else is at the table and how to be more intentional in influencing others.
  • How to clarify negotiating goals and outcomes  and prepare for the negotiations.
  • To identify dynamics that affect authority, competence, sense of collaboration and influence.
Week 2: Process
Sept 18, 1-3 p.m. ET
Framing the Negotiation

Your preparation is meant to reduce unpredictability in the negotiation, especially when dealing with an adversarial counterpart. In the second phase, the negotiation process, you will focus on checking to avoid misunderstandings and modifying your plan. Understand how to create value and exert influence by problem-solving creatively, reaching a compromise or broadening the range of options.

You  will learn:

  • The components that support your negotiating approach, such as how to best communicate, share information, make concessions and respond to other offers.
  • Key concepts, such as BATNA, ZOPA and sequencing, to strengthen how you engage in the process of the negotiation.
  • How to adjust your approach and plan for different emerging scenarios.
  • Techniques to identify and regulate your emotions and leverage them as a source of information.
Week 3: Power & Influence
Sept 25, 1-3 p.m. ET
Communicating to Persuade

This is where you will harness your expertise in communications. Applying communication techniques strengthens your negotiation approach. Here you will identify the power at play, understand how to appeal to logic, emotion and credibility and unlock the value of word choices and silence, among a number of methods. You will also set up the close of your negotiation to advance toward agreement.

You  will learn:

  • How to use your communications power to be assertive in getting what you need.
  • To apply collaborative principles of influence that build relationships and lead to win-win outcomes.
  • About the nuances of negotiating in different contexts, including in-person or remote.
  • To set up a summary checklist to clarify who is doing what, when, and the resources needed.
  • Measure your personal effectiveness as a leader and communicate your impact – and the communications department’s – on the business as a whole.


(Exclusive for Attendees)

  • The Internal Comms Tech Toolbox
  • Report: The Global State of Internal Communications
  • Guide: Using Measurement to Prove Internal Communications Value
  • Six Steps to Success: Change Communications in a Volatile World
  • The Complete Guide: How to Run an Internal Communications Audit



Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida
Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Author, Negotiation Expert, Professor of PracticeColumbia University

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida is a Professor and Program Director of the Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program at Columbia University. She is also Co-Chair of the Advanced Consortium for Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4/Climate School) and Director of the Youth, Peace and Society Project at the Earth Institute/Climate School at Columbia University.

She is the author of the book New Story, New Power: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiation. Her research areas are women and negotiation, organizational conflict, and youth leadership.

A certified clinical sociologist, Dr. Fisher-Yoshida helps clients strengthen their core negotiation and communication skills and effectiveness and resolve conflicts. As President and CEO of Fisher Yoshida International, a consulting firm, her clients have included global organizations in the Fortune 100, private sector, nonprofit and government sectors, military and security forces and academic institutions. She was a Training Manager with McKinsey & Company, Japan, a management-consulting firm that focuses on top leadership and management on strategy.

Top 8 areas you’ll master upon completion:

  • Planning and Strategy Templates: The anatomy of successful internal comms strategy—and how to tailor the best models to your organization’s business goals.
  • The New World of Employee Journeys and Personas: How to craft persona-based engagement plans and hyper-targeted content that will resonate across today’s “hybrid” workplace employee journey—from recruiting and onboarding to retention and beyond.
  • Content Audits and Writing Like a Pro: How analyze and improve your content and channel mix, create a simple content calendar and support it with “moments that matter” copy at screams “click me” no matter where you post it.
  • Tech Stacks and the Internal Comms Toolbox: How to evaluate and integrate tools for email, intranets, workstream collaboration, live events, podcasts and video (yes, we’ll also dig into how to create stellar townhalls).
  • AI’s Role in Internal Comms: How tools like ChatGPT and Claude can enhance your content creation, writing process and visuals—plus how to manage AI risks with AI policies and style guides that reflect your voice and values.
  • Change and Crisis Comms: When, why and how employees embrace change—including how to address these drivers in your communications, even when bad news strikes.
  • Measurement Matters: The best qualitative tools (e.g., pulse surveys, focus groups, social listening) and quantitative KPIs to track and improve your initiatives.
  • What’s Next: What you must know about employee data privacy, EGC (employee generated content), new VR/AR developments, the “unInternet,” upskilling resources—and how to deepen partnerships with HR, legal and even IT.


Top reasons to attend this virtual certificate course

  • At the end of this course, you'll be better equipped to negotiate effectively, lead with authority and gain influence.
  • You'll learn to frame your negotiation approaches to the outcomes you seek.
  • You'll learn the collaborative principles of influence that build relationships and lead to win-win outcomes.
  • You'll gain new techniques to identify and regulate your emotions and leverage them as a source of information.
  • You'll be set up to measure your personal effectiveness as a leader and communicate your impact – and the communications department’s – on the business as a whole.
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