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Navigating the Crossroads: How to Steer Comms Through Political Waters

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2024 2-3:30 p.m. ET
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At the height of an election season, internal communicators have a pivotal role in maintaining a harmonious work environment amidst a heated political climate. Join us for this critical Ragan webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 14th, where we will delve into the strategies and best practices needed to navigate this complex intersection.

Throughout this 90-minute event, you'll learn how to set guidelines for acceptable political discussions and discover practical techniques to defuse heated conversations, such as using active listening and neutral language to de-escalate tensions. Learn how to align your communications with company culture and corporate values by developing consistent messaging and engaging leadership to model appropriate behaviors. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the insights and tools needed to maintain a respectful and cohesive workplace environment.

Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 14th from 2-3:30 PM ET!

Our 1.5-hour program will give you quick insights, practical strategies and a playbook for your internal comms team to implement right away.


2:00 – 2:30 PM ET
Establishing and Upholding Workplace Guidelines

In today's polarized political climate, establishing a respectful and inclusive workplace is more important than ever. This is not just a challenge faced in the U.S. but a global issue, impacting companies with international locations. By setting, enforcing and monitoring comprehensive guidelines, you'll be able to develop clear policies on acceptable political discussions, implement fair and consistent enforcement methods, and explore effective monitoring practices to ensure compliance while respecting personal freedoms. Additionally, you'll learn the crucial role your company plays in taking a stand and guiding the C-suite through these complex times. You’ll gain the keys to:

  • Develop Clear Policies: Learn how to create clear guidelines on acceptable political discussions and behaviors in the workplace, ensuring they are relevant across different cultural contexts globally.
  • Enforcement Mechanisms: Discover fair and consistent methods for policy enforcement that can be applied internationally, respecting diverse legal and cultural environments.
  • Monitoring Implementation: Explore tools and best practices to ensure guidelines are followed while respecting personal freedoms, no matter the location. Learn how to tailor these tools to monitor and manage political discussions in a way that is sensitive to global differences.
  • Lead by Example: Understand how to guide the C-suite in taking a stand on political issues responsibly, considering both local and global impacts, and setting a tone that aligns with the company’s values worldwide.
2:30 – 2:50 PM ET
Defusing Conflict in Workplace Dialogues

It’s nearly impossible to avoid a topic like the 2024 election, the candidates, the issues and the impact of its results on the American public and beyond. Learn how to keep the peace in this season with conflict resolution training, creating politic-free zones and times, and tips to address conflict promptly and maintain a harmonious workplace  We’ll uncover:

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques: Learn how to navigate politically charged conversations in the workplace, such as addressing differing opinions on company policies or current events, to maintain productivity and harmony.
  • Communication Skills: Enhance your ability to navigate sensitive topics with active listening and finesse, whether it's discussing political viewpoints, addressing misunderstandings between team members, or managing disagreements with clients or stakeholders.
  • Mediation Support: Gain insights into mediation services and techniques to effectively de-escalate conflicts, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment where diverse perspectives are respected and understood.
  • Lessons from College Campuses: Discover effective de-escalation techniques amidst political demonstrations and protests and learn how to establish clear protocols and manage communications, with a focus on providing effective training and staffing to handle both internal and external dynamics.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement
University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)
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2:50 – 3:30 PM ET
Integrating Strategies for a Cohesive Workplace

The guidelines and the dialogue paired with integration strategies creates a three-pronged, step-by-step approach for fostering a cohesive workplace. Join our expert panel as they detail practical applications and real-world examples. This interactive session will cover:

  • Applying Guidelines in Real Situations: Hear from panelists about their experiences implementing clear policies on political discussions and behaviors, and learn how to adapt these strategies to different cultural contexts globally.
  • Effective Enforcement and Monitoring: Discuss the challenges and successes of enforcing and monitoring guidelines, and explore tools and practices that have been effective in various organizational settings.
  • Leadership's Role in Navigating Politics: Learn how to advise and support the C-suite in taking stands on political issues that align with the company's values and global presence.
  • Conflict Resolution in Action: Hear stories and real-life examples of successful conflict resolution in the workplace with insights into how to navigate politically charged conversations and maintain harmony among employees, customers, and stakeholders.
Senior Attorney
Clark Hill Law
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Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Top 3 things you’ll learn:

  • Master techniques to defuse politically charged conversations and maintain harmony.
  • Learn how to support the C-suite in taking responsible stands on political issues.
  • Conflict resolution strategies to steer comms in a respectful direction.


Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement
University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)
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Senior Attorney
Clark Hill Law
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Join us for Navigating the Crossroads: How to Steer Comms Through Political Waters.

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