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The New Employee Experience Strategy in the Everywhere Workplace

ON DEMAND • March 2022

What if we told you, to create an exceptional customer experience you do not actually begin with the customer, you start with employees. Creating an authentic employee experience in a remote-first environment begins with an internal communication strategy that reflects a company’s mission and core values. What does a successful employee communications strategy look like for a company like Ivanti that brought four different brands together under a single organization? 

Watch Stephanie Briggs, Director of Employee Experience Marketing, as she shares how she led her organization to transition to a new intranet to unite multiple brands with a single source of truth. Learn how Ivanti worked across teams (HR, Marketing, and IT) to launch Simpplr and develop a stronger company culture as One Ivanti across the globe through various communication initiatives. 

In this webinar, you will learn how Ivanti: 

  • Developed an Employee Experience Communications strategy to engage employees across four united organizations
  • Deployed an intranet in 8 weeks
  • Improved awareness and corporate knowledge of executive communications, company-wide meetings, and internal events
  • Engaged executive C-Suite leaders 
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Stephanie Briggs, Director of Employee Experience, Ivanti
Stephanie Briggs

Director of Employee ExperienceIvanti

Stephanie Briggs has over ten years of digital and social media marketing experience across an array of industries, including cybersecurity, retail, education and aeronautics. She is a published horror author, blogger and fine artist residing in central Pennsylvania. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in film and digital media with an emphasis on video production.


Hani Khan

Sr. Customer Marketing ManagerSimpplr

Hani Khan is the Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at Simpplr, a modern employee intranet software provider that helps companies engage their workforce by transforming employee communication. With years of communication and marketing experience, she is driven by discovering new technology and methods to engage within the digital workplace. Khan has worked with senior executives and brands on social media strategy and has a passion for storytelling to create a meaningful experience.


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