The Virtual Cultural Dilemma: Are Your Managers Ready to Shape & Reshape Culture in a Hybrid World?

You’ve put communication programs in place over the past year to connect remote workers, support those on site and maintain a sense of cohesion at a time when nearly everything was upended. Now organizations are entering a new phase, when new, hybrid models become the norm. Are your managers ready?

By any measure, managers are the strongest connection between employees and their companies. The new hybrid models will only put more strain on this connection, and most leaders, according to recent surveys, don’t believe their people have the necessary skills to operate effectively in this new environment.

Watch this free workshop recording from Ragan and the Peppercomm Employer/Employee Experience team to help you equip managers to become great leaders by assessing and planning the actions that are essential to creating the best possible hybrid culture, and have a bit of fun along the way.

During this 90 minute free workshop, Peppercom will help you:

  • Gauge where your managers are currently vs. where they need to be
  • Assess and plan the actions that are essential to creating the optimum hybrid culture
  • Discover the role that humor plays in building bonds and creating resilient workforces
  • Identify ways to train your managers to become true leaders
  • Build rewarding, satisfying and fruitful employee experiences in a hybrid work environment
  • Understand how HR and Comms (along with IT) can and should join forces for better employee engagement
  • Develop messaging, assets, tools with all employees and communication styles in mind
  • Create strategies to overcome expected challenges
  • Learn best practices from experts in the field
  • Have fun practicing new skills


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About Peppercomm

For 25 years, Peppercomm’s employer/ employee experience team has worked with communication and HR leaders to create cultures in which both organizations and employees thrive. Their insight-to-impact approach enables the dynamic flow of ideas and information across, up and down the organization through everything from comms tech to new training for managers. Powered by technology, their proprietary approach is nevertheless based on the fundamental recognition that we are still humans connecting with humans. And while employee experience is a serious undertaking, their programs are driven by the time-tested tenets of humor and improv.


If you spend at least 25% of your time on internal communications, employee culture, change management or manager communications, this is a can’t-miss workshop.

Internal Communications • Change Communications • Company Culture
Employee Communications • Corporate Communications


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