Study: U.S. workers spend more than $5 daily for coffee

The cost of those Caramel Macchiatos, French Vanilla Cremes and Cafe Americanos is really adding up.

A recent survey by American Principals concludes that half of U.S. workers regularly buy coffee during the work week. And they spent an average of $1,092 a year. Some quick math and that’s more than $5 per work day for that morning cup of Joe.

Also, those people spent $1,924 on lunch purchases annually. One note: Thirty-five percent claimed they would try to save money by bringing lunch from home in 2012. Which gender spent more? The research finds men spent more than women and those ages 18-to-24 shelled out even more money for coffees and lunches.

Employers should consider this: Free coffee in the office or Starbucks gift cards can be easy incentives that are greatly appreciated!

You can read more with your coffee or over lunch at The Huffington Post.

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