Survey: Curating content is a path to ‘thought leadership’

It’s a growing trend—but why are marketing executives doing it?

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Does it seem like there are more and more places to go to find marketing content these days? You may be on to something.

Roughly half of marketing executives are now curating content—that is, searching out, organizing and sharing information that caters to a particular audience, according to MarketingProfs.

Citing a survey by HiveFire, MarketingProfs says that 79 percent of those doing this say their primary objective is muscling their way to the front of the pack in “thought leadership.” Those hoping to elevate brand visibility and buzz comprise 76 percent, with “lead generation” making up a mere 61 percent.

(Presumably they were allowed to check more than one box, or somebody’s not very good at math.)

But if you’re out to prove your brilliance and tout your brand by creating original content, beware. It burns time, MarketingProfs warns. Nearly 74 percent of marketing execs say coming up with the content is their biggest challenge, while 73 percent grouse about the time it takes to develop the content.

A third of marketing execs scratch their heads over how to measure the results. Well, no wonder everybody’s getting in on it!

Check it out here.

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