Survey marks trends in digital workplaces; free copy of major report

Organizations participating in Digital Workplace Trends Report’s annual survey use data to benchmark themselves, get management approval for strategies.

Feeling lost when it comes to benchmarking your organization in the digital workplace?

What if you had a resource full of data and examples: a comprehensive report, gathered from a survey of organizations ranging from Coca-Cola to Western Union?

Such a resource will be available free to organizations participating in DW Trends’ Digital Workplace Trends Report’s annual survey, which opens Sept. 9 and will run until mid-October. For non-participants, this year’s report sells for $530 per copy.

The survey will result in a report to be released early 2014. The 2013 report totaled 169 pages and drew participants from 362 organizations worldwide, among them major corporations, governments, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The report is full of “very detailed facts, figures, case studies, and analysis of the results,” says author Jane McConnell.

The annual report digs into how the digital workplace is evolving. In 2013, for example, the document examined how organizations are transforming to create greater collaboration, innovation and use of mobile technology. The report dug into social enterprise technology, considered use of the cloud, and revealed that middle managers tend to be the ones offering the greatest resistance to collaboration.

Many say the final report helps them prove their case to management. Author Jane McConnell says one participant told her he’d been trying to get the bosses to approve a social network, but they were nervous about the platform. He used data from the survey to talk them into it.

Those who wish to take part must apply (it’s a simple process, McConnell says). The survey is completed by digital practitioners inside organizations: communications, IT, human resources and other functions. Although it’s not open to Web agencies or technology providers, if they encourage their clients to participate they can also get a free copy of the final report.

Why the application? “It’s very simple,” McConnell says. “I just need to know who they are.”

Once approved, participating organizations will receive a personalized email invitation and link to the online platform.

The survey takes from 45 to 60 minutes to complete, but participants can exit when they wish and return to the same place later. Organizations will have about six weeks to complete the survey.

Some find even the process of filling out the survey illuminating, as they review their own digital workplace, McConnell says.

Many companies now bring together a small team into a room—communications, IT and intranet and digital teams—and do the survey together, she says.

Others have praised the survey in the past. Bill Ives, a partner at the Merced Group, blogged, “If you are serious about making the digital workplace happen in your organization, it is a good move to obtain a copy.”

For more information, see McConnell’s frequently asked questions. Or, fill out the application here.

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