Survey: Websites, online newsrooms most valuable to reporters

New research from BusinessWire also found that breaking news, supporting facts, and story angles are all elements reporters look for in press releases.

If you don’t regularly update your organization’s website and online newsroom, you could miss out on quite a bit of coverage.

According to research released last week by BusinessWire, a whopping 93 percent of reporters go to company websites to do research, while 77 percent use online newsrooms as a research tool. Those two choices were well above social media (42 percent), trade publications (41 percent), blogs (34 percent) or Wikipedia (32 percent). Websites and newsrooms are even more reliable than company spokespeople, according to the research. Only 42 percent of reporters said they turn to them.

BusinessWire’s report added that most journalists (88 percent) seek out press releases in online newsrooms.

And just what do reporters want from a press release?

While a handful (29 percent) are looking for multimedia content, most—more than three-fourths—want breaking news. About 70 percent said they want supporting facts, while 66 percent said they’re also looking for story angles. About half said they want quotable sources, company background, and trending topics.

So there’s the news flash: Reporters want a wealth of information, and they want to be able to get it by going to your corporate website or newsroom.

Here’s an infographic with all that data and more:

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