The 10 most social-media savvy City Halls in America

How well does your city communicate on social media?

The city of Chicago repaired a pothole the same day a resident complained via Twitter, according to The Atlantic.

That sort of thing doesn’t usually happen in Chicago—take it from a resident who’s waited months for the city to repair a gaping hole in the street. But, according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it’s a new day in the Windy City.

But not new enough to make it one of the 10 most social-media savvy city governments.

A new study from the University of Illinois at Chicago ranked the 75 largest cities in America by their government’s social media acumen. The university based their findings on “opportunities for citizen participation and information,” according to a press release. These included:

• Hosting of open data portals;
• Comments allowed on blogs and social networks;
• The extent to which online discussions concerned policy as well as city services;
• information on officials, budgets, city council meetings and neighborhood issues.

Here are the top 10 (some of the cities tied, according to the university’s scoring system):

1. New York
1. Seattle
2. Virginia Beach
3. Portland
4. San Francisco
5. Kansas City, MO
6. Denver
7. Mesa, Ariz.
8. Louisville
9. Philadelphia
9. Long Beach, CA
9. Sacramento
10. San Jose

Chicago, by the way, ranked No. 17, tied with Minneapolis and San Diego. Toledo was last.

Click here for the full rankings.

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