The 30 most annoying office habits

Bringing stinky food for lunch, coming to work sick and telling inappropriate stories are just a few ways to alienate your co-workers. Are you guilty of any of these behaviors?

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Millions of offices all around the world. Tens of millions of workers in them. They all have one thing in common: the annoying colleague.

You know the one. Or if you don’t, you might be the one who’s always:

1. Talking loudly on the phone or using the speaker phone to the annoyance of everyone else.

2. Sharing too much information about personal things.

3. Asking for help with the same tech problems again and again, instead of taking the time to learn to do it properly.

4. Walking into meetings late, so that things have to be repeated.

5. Leaving messes in the break room or other common areas.

6. Leaving passive-aggressive signs or post-its around the office, instead of speaking to someone to resolve an issue.

7. Using the last of the coffee or tea and not fixing a new pot.

8. Hoarding office supplies.

9. Gossiping about everyone and everything.

10. Listening to loud music, or worse, singing and whistling along.

11. Peeking over the cubicle top to start a conversation.

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