The 6 ways your company should be using video

Although there are many ways to use video for your business, here are the six you should consider first.

Try to remember how you last spent your free time online. Did you visit your friend’s Facebook page? Did you research homes for sale? Maybe you watched the latest news.

It is likely that no matter what you did, you stumbled upon at least one video.

Video presents a major advantage for businesses. A video can be created for almost any reason, whether you wish to promote a product or service, spread the word about your latest charity campaign, or tell your story to existing or future clients.

Whatever you can dream up, you can do through video; it’s a powerful tool and one you should not overlook.

Although there are many ways to use video for your business, here are six video types you should consider first:

FAQ. Creating a frequently asked questions video will allow clients and customers to have easy access to their questions. A great FAQ can be the determining factor whether you are chosen over a competitor.

Social media. Creating video blogs (vlogs) or including other useful and relevant video to your social media channels will not only enhance your brand image, but will also increase search engine optimization (SEO)—and your chances of being found over a competitor.

Interviews. Interviewing your C-suite executives on camera is a great way to communicate the company’s message. These videos are also perfect for establishing your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Video Tour. Online virtual tours have allowed people to see all aspects of an environment without having to be present. In 2010, 108 million Internet users viewed a Web-based tour. Creating a video tour is an inexpensive way to show potentially millions of people what you are offering, like a house or car for example.

Testimonials. Drive your sales by boosting customer confidence with video testimonials. Posting your testimonial videos via multiple platforms will also increase your visibility and likelihood of appearing in search results. If that’s not enough, these videos are also inexpensive and hold a long shelf life.

Promotional. Along the same lines as a testimonial video, a promotional video can be taken even further. Create an animated video for your brand, an infomercial to showcase products, or develop a concept to promote an upcoming event.

It’s also important to remember that businesses must have a well-planned strategy before diving into the visual communications realm. Having a plan will ensure that you are communicating the right message to your audience.

Shana Fuller is the marketing director at JCPR. A version of this story first appeared on the JCPR blog.

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