The 9 worst companies to work for in the U.S.

See which employers earned top dishonors for low pay, no benefits and a general sense of being a step behind competitors.

There are few feelings worse than disliking your job. And while it’s possible to hate your job no matter what company you work for, the likelihood of disliking your day-to-day is a bit higher at some companies.

You might find some of those firms on the “America’s Worst Companies to Work For” list, from 24/7 Wall St.

Here are this year’s top nine worst publicly traded companies to work for:

1. Dish
2. Express Scripts
3. Dillard’s
4. Dollar General
5. RadioShack
6. ADT
7. Sears Holdings
8. NCR
9. Fiserv

The top complaints, throughout the list, dealt with low pay and lack of benefits. Employees also tended to feel like the companies they work for have been made obsolete or have otherwise been sidelined by bigger competitors that offer lower prices or better service.

Dish topping the list upholds its reputation as “The meanest company in America,” as Businessweek once called it.

The rankings are based on reviews from Glassdoor. Click here to read more about how these companies earned their dubious distinction.

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